The stat guys will probably argue for Herschel. The gut guys might just go with Bo.

Who's the greatest running back in Southeastern Conference history?

Most SEC college football junkies would agree that it probably comes down to either Georgia's Herschel Walker or Bo Jackson of Auburn. Both stars played during the 1980's and each won a Heisman Trophy.

Walker left Georgia after only three years and his career rushing totals are still tops in SEC history.

Jackson played for four years and his career rushing totals are in the top five for all-time SEC running backs.

So which of the two was better? Well, like all subjective matters, that depends on whom you ask.

SEC history is littered with many great running backs. Even so, I'm choosing to focus on the exploits of these two all-timers.

I saw them both play extensively.

As a Florida Gator fan, I had the chance to see both of them in person against the Gators and I followed their careers closely, because their star trajectory occurred during the same time that I came of age as a "mature" college football enthusiast.

Herschel Walker's greatness was due, in large part, to his relentlessness. I never saw a more physically dominating runner. He was durable, carried the ball a million times a game, and was incredibly powerful and difficult to stop.

More impressively, was the fear he instilled in opposing teams when catching the ball out of the backfield. In my view, Herschel's greatest ability was running in the open field after catching a pass. He was absolutely deadly at this.

I found Jackson, on the other hand, to be the more "dangerous" overall running back. In fact, Bo still holds the SEC record for yards per carry (6.6 yards per attempt for backs with a minimum of 400 career carries).

While I don't claim to be a stat guy, that number speaks directly to his explosiveness.

There was never nor has there been since, a running back that I feared more as a Gator fan than Auburn's Bo Jackson.

Friends of mine whose college football acumen I respect, argue that Bo wasn't as much of a "gamer" as Herschel. They point out that he didn't always show up like Walker did. I can't argue their points. They're valid.

Yet for my money, I still lean toward giving Bo the nod.

What about you?