Psst. Come here.

A little closer.

Don't want to say it too loud. Might get in the wrong ears.

Amidst the growing clamor surrounding the day of reckoning for college football programs across the country, i.e., National Signing Day for high school recruits, I got a funny feeling.

Maybe something's off. Am I paying too much attention to this stuff? Why?

You want to know how big it is? Try finding information on high school recruiting on the Internet?

What did you find?

Gotta pay for the inside scoops, man. Must be some good vittles too.

The good stuff ain't free, ya know.

Got a funny smell too.

But I did find this; and it was free too.

I had to wonder why.

Must not be as much of a market.

Published in February of 2005 by The Dallas Morning News, The Secret Edge: Steroids in High School is old news; I know.

But it caught my attention.

It's a comprehensive investigative piece into steroid use in high schools in the state of Texas.

And it's damn-near damning.

With as much time as I've spent writing about and researching articles on Florida Gator football, and most recently, their recruiting efforts, I was reminded that there's a sordid side to this part of college football.

And it's probably not something that too many folks want to read about right about now.

Away from the Saturday tailgating, pom-poms, and bands, is the underbelly of the whole thing.

Reading The Secret Edge , I wondered to myself how many of the current crop of blue, white, and rainbow chip high school recruits might be in various altered states as they make their collective ways from lot to lot in search of the perfect vehicle.

Have you seen some of these guys?

Oh come off it; raining on everyone's parade, I know.

It's the nature of the beast. Part of the way things work, man. Big business bro; get your head out of the sand.

Dude, n othing's gonna change. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Cuz the guy across from you is coming at you!

Painting with a pretty broad brush, aren't you, Mr. Self- Righteous? Ironic coming from the dude who's team's on the verge of cashing in big time on National Signing Day. Maybe you should look in the mirror. Ya big phony.

Just sayin.'

What incentive does any high school or college football player have to play by the rules when others are "using" and, not only getting away with it, but getting ahead?

What's the price to be paid if you can improve your weight, strength, power, and marketability? And look good at it while you're doing it to boot?

Look at some of the Mount Olympus-type athletes we idolize today. Wouldn't you do whatever it took to get to where they are?

Look, I'm tired of watching my folks every day at their nine to fives. For what? Tired of everyone else gettin' their's.

It's the way of the world brother.

And I want mine.