Okay, maybe not On Broadway. But hey, it's a start.

In the world of bright lights and big cities, Major League Baseball's biggest fish is opening up its own bowl for the world to peer into. This time, however, it'll take place under a different set of lights.

And its actor's lines won't take place between them. Instead, the play will recall galloping ghosts of yore; summoning up memories of leather heads chasing down gridiron greatness.

The Yankees announced today that a new college football bowl game will be played at Yankee Stadium beginning with the 2010 season.

Called the New Era Pinstripe Bowl, the Dec. 30th game will pit the Big East's No. 3 team against the No. 6 team from the Big 12.

While it won't be confused with any of the grandaddy bowls, I think it's sort of cool.

The idea of playing a bowl game in Yankee Stadium is an exciting chance for a Big East school to align themselves with the No. 1 brand in all of sports, i.e., the New York Yankees.

It'll give the New York college football fan, which I believe is a larger number than most would assume, a chance to go to a bowl game without much travel. Also, because of its Big 12 tie in, it will bring in teams that we normally don't get the opportunity to see.

Many will chide the organizers for adding just another game to the already bloated ranks of post season games. Claiming that the game is meaningless, they'll probably renew their cries for a college football playoff. You know, "to settle this once and for all."

Even for an old schooler like me, I'm "down" with trying new things. It's supposed to be fun, isn't it? Playing a game in Yankee Stadium would be a thrill for even the coldest of hearts.

And it's just the sort of script a Broadway playwright would love.

What do you think?