When Tim called me in 2006, I had no idea how prophetic his words would be.

"Go to YouTube and put in the name Tim Tebow," he told me. "This is the guy the Gators just signed. You're going to hear a lot about his guy."

The Tim who called me was not that Tim. He's a friend of mine and a long time Gator too.

I've since renamed him Captain Understatement.

What hasn't already been written about former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow? In the over thirty years that I've been following college football, I cannot think of another player who's been as analyzed, scrutinized, anatomized, and polarized as Tebow.

Even this Gator fan is tired of it.

So why this piece?

Is it an attempt to defend him? Nope. Couldn't do it.

To talk about his draft prospects? Don't think so. Not stat, list, nor NFL guru-ish enough to even pretend to try that out. I'd get slammed. Maybe just thinking out loud. On paper.

I guess I was thinking about that other Tim tonight and what he asked me to do years ago just prior to Tebow bursting on to the scene. Some might say, forced on to the scene. Almost forgot that he actually won a Heisman Trophy. Was that in this lifetime?

But also because I read an article on the Gainesville Sun website discussing that Tebow and former Tampa Bay Buccaneer coach Jon Gruden recently met and had a strategy and workout session. So that's what they call it nowadays.

According to the article, Gruden has also had similar sessions with Oklahoma's Sam Bradford and Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen. Colt McCoy of Texas is scheduled to meet with Gruden later on in the month.

I wondered why?

Gruden claims to "love quarterbacks" and he believes that Tebow will be a success in the NFL.

Does Gruden know something we don't know? Or is he too coat-tailing in an attempt to enhance his future "draft" prospects?

Got to stay in sight you know.

Have you ever seen such a wide disparity between those who think he can play in the NFL versus those who don't so? There doesn't seem to be much of a middle ground.

Consistent with this whole polarization notion, I guess.

And notice too that I haven't even mentioned his eye-black messages, Super Bowl commercials, and his other saving graces.

My Jacksonville friends insist that unless the Jaguars draft Tebow, the franchise is doomed. Can't say that I follow them enough to know. But would an NFL team really draft a player more for his marketing appeal than his ability?

Never before have I seen so much attention to this whole NFL Combine thing either.

When did this become must see TV? Have I been asleep for the past, oh I don't know, ten years or something?

Maybe it happened at the same time Peking was becoming Beijing. Missed that one too. The game's passing me by.

Or is there some sort of not-so-secret conspiracy afoot to construct another media building to demolish in in front of our eyes as the skeletons are disinterred?

Now that would be some must see TV for you!

Maybe my Tim was on to something back when he told me that I'd be hearing a lot more about that other Tim. What he failed to predict, though, was that I'd be piling on too.